5 Organization Hacks for Your Self Storage Unit

The only time that sorting through your messy storage unit is fun is when you’re on an episode of “Storage Wars.” Otherwise, it can be a frustrating experience. Oftentimes, people get storage units to dump their extra belongings. They don’t necessarily organize the clutter in any sort of way, which can bite them in the butt when they need something but can’t find it in the chaos. Here are five hacks to help you organize your storage unit.

  1. Pick one box size for all, or most, of your items. Having boxes that are all the same size will make accessing and stacking them easier. Small or medium boxes are safe bets for the majority of your belongings. While large boxes are great for items that are lighter, they don’t hold up well at the bottom stacks. They’re also difficult to maneuver and lift. Avoid big boxes if you can help it.
  2. Identify the possessions you’ll need to access while in storage. You’ll have certain items in storage that you’ll eventually want to access whether you realize it or not. It makes accessing these items so much easier when you know what those important items are and organize accordingly. Think about seasonal items and how you’re going to need to access certain decorations at certain times. Common important items you might have to access in storage often include office documents, seasonal clothing, holiday items, vacation gear, kids’ toys, hobby supplies and tools.
  3. Label box as you pack. Label what’s in the box on the top and at least one side. You can create your own system by numbering the boxes or you can label by vague terms telling you what’s inside or you can simply write everything you’re putting in the box. Put a special mark on those boxes that you know you’ll need to get to at some point. If you can be as detailed as possible in describing content; you’ll thank yourself later.
  4. Create a master contents list. Chance are you’re going to forget what items you’ve stored in your unit. While writing on the boxes will help you remember a few things, you can’t look at every box in your storage unit. To help remember what you have stored away write a list of all of the contents and the number of boxes you have on paper. This will not only help you remember what you have but in which box you can find it too. If writing seems too tedious, there are digital tools that can help you record what you have as well.
  5. Plan an organized layout for your storage unit. If you know you’re going to make frequent trips to your unit then you want to put thought into where you’re going to place each box and item. Ideally, furniture will go up against the wall opposite your boxes. You’ll also, preferably, have a path that cuts straight through the middle of the space. With this path, you can easily access items from both sides without much hassle.

The Bottom Line

A good storage company would design their self-storage units to make life as easy as possible. That easiness is ultimately determined by the unit’s owner. To make life simple, come with an organizational plan for your storage so that it doesn’t become a tomb of forgotten things.

If you live in Sun Prairie, our team at Autumn Wood Storage can provide you with an easy-access self-storage unit that will meet your needs an exceed your expectations. Give us a call today to learn more.

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