5 Things to Move into Your Storage Unit in the Summer

People move for many reasons: to be closer to family, to get a fresh start, to downsize, or to move closer to the city. Whatever your reasoning, you’ll need storage for some of your belongings as you move, even if it’s only for short time.

It can easy to throw things away if you’re downsizing, but if you’re unsure of what’s going to stay and what’s going to go, then temporary storage is a great option. The following are a few tips to get through the move and what you can move out of your house in the summer months.

Organize Things by Season

Clothing, holiday decorations and even garden furniture can be packed away according to the season. You don’t need your shorts and tank tops in during the winter months. When you’re moving to somewhere very cold, you’re not going to get much use out of your patio furniture. If you move during the summer, you won’t need a lot of your winter supplies anyways. Many people choose the summer to move as it’s much easier than lugging furniture between houses in the rain or snow. No matter your reasons, you could put the following away in storage:

  1. Winter Clothes. The major thing you’ll be putting away in storage is winter clothes. The summer heat will make it unbearable to wear jumpers and coats anyway, and they’ll take up valuable space in your closet.
  2. Blankets. While summer nights are going to be cooler than the days, you won’t need winter bedclothes. Unless you’re one of those people who can’t get to sleep without five blankets covering them, they’re just taking up space.
  3. Holiday Decorations. The majority of holidays take place during the winter months. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations can all stay in storage.
  4. College Dorm Belongings. The beginning of summer is when many college students take a break from school. Whether moving home for good or just getting a new dorm, they have to get their belongings out of their current dorm room. As parents, you may not have space for all of those extra belongings.
  5. Shovels and Rakes. In the fall, you need a rake and shovel to clear your yard of the fallen leaves. In the winter, a shovel is necessary to get rid of the snow on your sidewalk and driveway. Keep these supplies in storage so your home is free from clutter.

What Storage Unit Size Do You Need?

Once you’ve realized that you need a storage unit for your extra supplies from previous seasons, you want to figure out how much you’re storing and what size unit is best. Storage units come in a variety of sizes, so you want to choose a storage company that meets your needs.

If you’re just storing season decor and seasonal clothing then you don’t need a big unit. A small unit can easily hold a few boxes and one or two larger items. If you need to store your child’s dorm things then you should have a unit that is at least a medium size. Medium units can fit several boxes, pieces of furniture, and a mattress. Large storage units are meant for a lot of items or even a vehicle, like a snowmobile.

Storage Features to Consider

Other huge factors that you have to consider are the features that the company offers. What do you want your storage to come with? Some common features include drive-up access, climate control, and security. Security is a must if you want to keep your belongings safe. Drive-up access would be convenient, especially if you’re transporting heavy furniture. Climate control is a must for those who live in super-hot climates.

Other Things to Consider for Summer Storage

Since everyone is looking to pack away their winter worries, summer is the peak season for storage. Storage facilities can fill up fast – contact a facility early if you want to get a unit that fits all the features you need. If you’re looking for self-storage in Sun Prairie then contact us at Autumn Wood Storage.

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