How Should I Store My Mattress?

Maybe you’re moving home from college and you don’t need the mattress you bought for the bed frame anymore. Perhaps your kid just went off to college and you want to transform their room into a home office. Or maybe you just want to upgrade to a better mattress. Getting a new mattress is relatively simple – while figuring out what to do with the old one is a different issue. If it’s still in good shape, and you don’t want to throw it away, store it.

People spend a good chunk of their lives sleeping. If the mattress that you have is still good quality and you just can’t let it go, you don’t have to. Plus, if you throw out the mattress but later decide it’s still needed, then you’re going to have to pay a few hundred dollars for another one. Here are a few steps to help you properly store your mattress in a reliable storage unit.

  • To start, clean your mattress thoroughly before moving into storage. You can use upholstery cleaner on the mattress. After using the cleaner, vacuum both sides.
  • You’re probably storing the mattress with the bed frame or headboard, so you want to disassemble the pieces to make them easier to move and fit into storage. Place all of the bolts, screws, and nuts inside a plastic bag. Tape the bag to the headboard so that you don’t lose the pieces if you ever put it back together. When transporting your pieces and mattress, keep them covered with old blankets or protective plastic to keep dust and dirt away.
  • To keep your mattress clean while in storage, invest in a cover for it. A breathable and light cover made of plastic should work fine if it covers the whole mattress. You can find these online or in stores for usually $20 or less. Secure the cover by taping the edges and any tears or holes.
  • If you’re planning on keeping the mattress in storage for a long time, then you absolutely need a storage unit. It’s better for the inner workings of the mattress if you store it laid out flat; so keeping it propped against a wall in a spare room is no good. Storing it on its side can warp the coils. When you lay it flat on the ground, put it onto a tarp to ward off stains and dirt.
  • Don’t store anything on top of your mattress. Any item that has weight can damage the springs if it rests on the mattress for a prolonged period of time.
  • Before you leave, sprinkle baking soda on each side. Leave it for a few minutes to absorb odors and then vacuum up the powder. Do this when you take your mattress out of storage too.

The Importance of Storing a Mattress in a Storage Unit

To fully protect your bed and all of its parts while you don’t need it or move house, you should to place it in a storage unit to keep it in its best condition. It’s where it will be most safe and will be available for use for years to come. It’s a great solution that protects your mattress and gives you some extra space around the house. If you need to store your mattress in a high-quality self-storage unit in Sun Prairie, then call us at Autumn Wood Storage today!

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