How Personal Storage Containers Can Help You Move Houses in Sun Prairie

Do you have a gap between leaving your old house and moving into the new one? Or perhaps you used to rent and are taking a break to go traveling? Maybe your temporary accommodation just doesn’t have room for some of your larger furniture. Never fear about having to sell it – personal storage facilities solve all these problems!

Personal storage in Sun Prairie, WI is cheap, secures your belongings, and holds your items for as long as you wish. Find out how safe storage from Autumn Wood Storage can take the stress out of moving homes.

1. Securely Store Furniture When You’ve Downsized

Even if it’s only short-term, if you’ve had to downsize your home, you’ll be left with a dilemma about what to do with large items of furniture. At Autumn Wood Storage, even our smallest containers have enough space to store large appliances as well as furniture and boxes.

Lock up the items that won’t fit in your new place in a personal storage unit until you move into somewhere more permanent. This is also a good solution just while you’re settling into your new home and need time to figure out where everything will go. Autumn Wood’s prices are low so that you can use the facilities at your convenience, without breaking the bank during such a transitional time as moving home.

2. Store Items While You’re In-Between Homes

We’ve all had a period in our lives where we are ‘between homes’. Perhaps there’s been a delay in the residents of your new home moving out, in which case you have to move in with your parents for a few weeks.

In the meantime, you’ve had to move out all your belongings from your old home, but there’s no space for them at your parents’. Don’t even think of selling them! Personal storage facilities save the day by offering cheap rates of storage for all your beloved belongings.

3. Lock Up Items While You’re Out of Town

Need to go on an extended business trip abroad? If you’re renting, it doesn’t make sense to keep paying rent somewhere you don’t live. This just leaves the small issue of what to do with all your household items – you can’t take them on the plane with you!

Even if it’s two months or two years, Autumn Wood Storage securely locks up your possessions while you’re away. When you return, you can pick up your property and move into your new accommodation straight away. Problem solved!

4. Move Items to Your New House at Your Convenience

If you’re moving far away – perhaps to a different state across the country – it might not be possible to move all your items in one go. With personal storage facilities, you can do a few trips without having to leave things at your old home.

This means that your old home’s new occupants can move in on time, and you don’t have to worry about carting an entire house worth of furniture a long way. Moving your things into temporary storage containers means that you can transport your items at your own pace.

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