We provide multiple sizes of storage units, ranging from 10×10 mini storage units all the way up to our large 10×30 warehouse-style units (sizes are approximate).

$75 /month
  • 10×10
  • Size of a small walk-in closet.
  • Fits furnishings of a one bedroom apartment.
  • Great for storing large appliances.

$100 /month
  • 10×15 – $100 per month
  • 10×20 – $120 per month
  • A bit smaller than a one-car garage.
  • Fits the contents of three full bedrooms. Can hold small and some full-size vehicles.

$130 /month
  • 10×25 – $130 per month
  • 10×30 – $200 per month (includes large 11’X10’ door)
  • Around the size of a one-car garage.
  • Fits the contents of a multi-bedroom house. Can also hold most vehicles, boats, and trailers.

Bonus Storage Tips

Try to visit your storage unit in person before moving day; doing so will give you a better visual sense of how much space you’ll have available.
Using sturdy moving boxes will make it easier to stack your stuff (strong plastic containers of uniform size also work well)
Place heavier boxes on the bottom of stacks, and place fragile items on top. Try not to stack items more than four boxes high. Sturdy furniture works great for holding boxes!